Clean Up Your Car with These Fur-Removing Tips

Has your dog ever been shedding so much that you actually got fur in your mouth because so much of it is floating in the air? When the shedding is that heavy, the interior of your car is bound to suffer, too. At Herb Chambers Lincoln of Norwood in Norwood, MA, we've thought of a few tricks that can help you clean the fur off of your car seats.

Use the attachment with rubber bristles that your vacuum most likely came with. The rubber helps lift the hair out of the fibers of your car seats. The attachment is also most likely designed in a shape that can get into tight crevices better, too.

You should also consider some preventative techniques. For instance, you can buy a seat cover for your dog to sit on. You should also have your dog harnessed. Not only will a harness keep your dog safer if you're in an accident, but it will also keep him from wandering off his seat cover.

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