When you make a roadside kit to keep in your car, you can use a plastic container so that everything stays together. Keep a few bottles of common fluids that your car might need in the kit, such as oil or power steering fluid. You should also keep a small container of gas in your car in case you're stranded in Norwood, MA.

Put a first-aid kit in your car in case there are any injuries while traveling. Your roadside kit should also include blankets and bottled water. If you have a baby or young children, then consider getting a small container for powdered baby formula. You could also keep crackers and other non-perishable snacks in the kit.

Tools that you might want to include are a tire gauge, screwdriver, and spare fuses. A tire inflator or a tire repair kit is a good item to have as well. Herb Chambers Lincoln of Norwood can routinely check your tires and other components of your car to ensure that they are in proper working condition.

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