At Herb Chambers Lincoln of Norwood in Norwood, MA, we value our customers' safety no matter which type of vehicle they choose to drive. It's important to recognize the warning signs of a faulty exhaust system, which can cause poisonous gases that are both colorless and odorless to seep into the passenger cabin.

A major sign of exhaust trouble is a popping or hissing noise when the engine is running. An exhaust pipe that needs replacing often manifests as a strange vibration you can feel when touching the steering wheel, the foot pedals or even the car seats. If you notice a significant reduction in your typical gas mileage, that's usually a sign that your engine isn't properly expelling harmful exhaust gases. A visual inspection of your exhaust system can often reveal damaged or broken pipes or holes in the exhaust.

Our team of friendly service technicians is ready to help keep your exhaust system in optimal condition. Call today for an appointment.

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