At Herb Chambers Lincoln of Norwood, we urge you to ensure that your vehicle rolls straight. It will help your tires wear evenly, and you will likely save money on tires, too. How do you ensure straight-rolling tires? Take advantage of our alignment service in Norwood, MA.

We can visually inspect your tires' treads, and we will put your vehicle on our alignment tester. This machine gives us three readings that tell us how close your alignment is to perfect. Importantly, it evaluates your wheels' caster value, which is the rear's ability to properly follow the front. We also check each tire's camber. Perfect camber is 90 degrees. Additionally, we measure a value called toe. Straight-rolling tires have a neutral toe. Tires that are toed left or right require adjustment.

Before we make adjustments, we share our recommendations with you and highlight any related costs. After we're done, your car will roll straighter and smoother, and your tires should travel farther.

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