Winter Tires: Why They Matter and What Your Winter Tire Options Are

Herb Chambers Lincoln of Norwood wants people to stay safe on snowy and icy roads. In the Norwood, MA area winter tires are important for winter safety. All season tires are not a substitute for winter tires. Here is an explanation of winter tires.

The rubber compound in summer and all-season tires hardens in cold weather reducing traction. The compound used in winter tires remains malleable in cold weather improving traction. The tread on winter tires is designed specifically to dig through snow to the road surface.

Your winter tire options are studless and studded, Studs are metal cleats in the tire tread. Studs provide better grip on ice but are noisier than studless tires and their usage is regulated by law. Studless tires are quieter but don't perform as well on ice as studded tires. On snow studless tires are the equal of studded tires. For seasonal tire changeover bring your vehicle to Herb Chambers Lincoln of Norwood.

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