Protect and Shine Your Vehicle with Car Wax

Keeping your car's exterior in good condition does two things. It protects the car from the elements, and it keeps it looking fine. Car wax is one product that you should be using to protect the exterior. Let's learn more about it.

Car wax is made from a combination of wax, oil, and solvents. Wax can come from a number of sources like the carnauba plant, palms, and even coal. Synthetic waxes can be made from silicone. Almost all wax is hardened and doesn't spread well across hard surfaces. That's why oils and solvents are added to make it malleable.

Applying wax to your car's exterior helps protect it from water and airborne pollutants. Water will run right off the surface, taking pollutants with it. The car finish has a shiny sheen. Bring your vehicle to the service department here at Herb Chambers Lincoln of Norwood in Norwood, MA for all your repair and maintenance needs.

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