Routine Service and Repairs for Your Muffler and Exhausts

It's inevitable that issues will occur when you are regularly driving your automobile each day in Norwood, MA. Routine service can often prevent some of these issues from taking place, but your muffler and exhausts can incur damage for a number of reasons. Frequent use contributes to problems, but you can also obtain damage from driving over a pothole or debris. If your vehicle needs its exhaust system or muffler serviced, there are some indicating factors to look out for.

A noisy ride inside of your vehicle signals a problem with your muffler and exhaust in many cases. This applies to a strong emissions odor coming from your vehicle. You may notice condensation forming around the end of your exhaust pipe or leaks underneath the car.

We here at Herb Chambers Lincoln of Norwood encourage you to bring your vehicle in to our service center as soon as you notice an issue. We'll get you back on the road in no time.

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