You Can Overcome Motion Sickness

Motion sickness can quickly bring a fun trip to a screeching halt. Whether you actually vomit or not, nausea you feel as a result of motion sickness can cause you to need to pull over, resulting in delays in getting to your destination. To help prevent this, here are some easy tips from Herb Chambers Lincoln of Norwood to help stop motion sickness before it starts.

The most common preventative tool for motion sickness is Dramamine, and with good reason: Dramamine helps a large portion of motion sickness sufferers of varying severity. So, if you know you're going to be on a winding road in Norwood, MA or you're headed on a long road trip of any type, go ahead and take a dose of Dramamine to ensure your trip is enjoyable. Another good tip to help prevent motion sickness is to take ginger root or peppermint pills. For many people, either of these natural remedies is equally as effective as Dramamine, without the uncertainty that comes with taking over-the-counter medicine.

In some cases, your vehicle may be causing motion sickness due to a worn-out suspension. If it's time to upgrade, stop by our dealership to check out your options as soon as possible.

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