Do your brakes need a little tender love and care? How do you know? Check out the following list of signs and symptoms to watch for the next time you think your brakes could use a little attention.

Loud Sounds- Wondering where that noise came from? If it happened upon applying your brakes, you've got something to investigate. Take your vehicle to the shop and have a mechanic inspect your braking system. Most times, this is an indication of brakes that are extremely worn down, so don't put it off!

Rattling- When you apply your brake, does your vehicle shake to a halt? If so, watch out. Take your car to the shop to get it analyzed, as this is often a symptom of a warped rotor.

Pulling- Does your car pull to the right or left? It could be a tire alignment issue. However, if this only happens when you apply the brake, then it could easily be a problem with your braking system. Get it checked out!

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