Unless you're driving a 100% electric car, you need fuel to run the engine. The fuel pump directs gasoline from the tank to the engine. Once problems arise with the fuel pump, then the engine will show some telltale signs. The fuel pressure gauge may indicate troubles. So could lower gas mileage and reduced gas mileage. And then other issues could occur.

Driving down the highway should be a smooth process, as long as there's nothing wrong with the car. With a bad fuel pump, the engine may sputter a lot once the vehicle hits a high speed.

Going uphill or towing cargo in Norwood, MA puts an engine under stress. When the fuel pump isn't running right, power may decrease. Ultimately, if the fuel pump never gets fixed, the engine might not start.

Come to the service department at Herb Chambers Lincoln of Norwood for your maintenance requests. We can deal with fuel pumps, other parts, and much more.

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