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Voice-Activated Entertainment in the 2018 Lincoln MKX

In the 2018 Lincoln MKX, you have complete control of your media and communication without ever having to lift a finger. This popular crossover is available with advanced voice recognition software.

The MKX uses the SYNC 3 infotainment system. It utilizes a large touch screen display and a user-friendly interface. You can connect the system to your smartphone device to sync your contacts and make calls or texts. 

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Finding a Great Used Car

Have you been searching for your dream car? Have you been wondering how you can select a vehicle that's right for you? When you find a great car, it's important to make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing. At Herb Chambers Lincoln of Norwood, we want what's best for you. That's why we'll review the car's vehicle history report before you make your purchase.

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The Lincoln Navigator's Powerful Engine and Suspension

The Lincoln Navigator is a large SUV that is a true luxury vehicle. The interior of the Navigator is very comfortable, and there is plenty of leg room for all the passengers. The Navigator isn't just a beautiful SUV to drive around Norwood, this SUV has the power and performance you want from any SUV.

The Lincoln Navigator has a 3.5 liter engine that produces up to 450 horsepower. The engine has twin turbo chargers and dual-point fuel injectors to increase efficiency. 

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Luxurious Technology Exemplified with the New Lincoln MKZ

For decades, the Lincoln name has been synonymous with luxury. The new Lincoln MKZ takes this reputation to another level with the most premium technology offerings in its popular midsize sedan.

Always on the cutting edge of innovation, the MKZ boasts a myriad of high-tech features including the patented SYNC 3 voice-activated technology system. The SYNC 3 partners a touchscreen interface with voice command capabilities to offer the most intuitive smart controls yet.

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The Lincoln MKT Has a Tool for Teen Drivers

The process of parking properly in narrow places can be challenging for a teen who lacks proper parking skills. During complicated parking routines, a Lincoln MKT can make tactical parking procedures easier for a teen. This is possible because the Lincoln MKT is designed with a convenient Active Park Assist tool.

Lincoln's Active Park Assist is built for challenging parallel parking situations. A teen can use the technology while driving the MKT near a parking spot. 

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Lincoln MKC Design Features

The Lincoln MKC is a compact premium SUV that was introduced at an auto show in 2013. The roominess and luxury of the MKC continues to place it as a popular choice. There are many design features offered by Lincoln. Ambient lighting and auto folding power mirrors are among the details included in the MKC.

When there are times that you want a choice of interior lighting, simply decide on one that suits your mood. 

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Enjoy the Drive More with the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

As an upscale midsized sedan, the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid provides a spacious cabin with fun technologies for your entertainment. Even better, the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid lives up to its luxurious looks by providing a good time behind the wheel. Norwood area commuters will definitely appreciate fewer trips to the gas station.

MKZ Hybrids are powered by a four-cylinder engine, a hybrid battery pack and an electric motor. 

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Recognize the Early Signs of an Exhaust Leak

An exhaust leak can occur at any time, especially with an older vehicle that still has the original exhaust system. Many times the exhaust leak can be identified early, which can help you get service completed before further erosion occurs.

The primary indication of an exhaust leak is hearing a “hissing” or “popping” sound while an engine is operating. 

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